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Working Holiday on a Dairy Farm
in New Zealand

Are you interested in travelling to New Zealand, but want to fund your travels while you’re here? Then New Zealand’s Working Holiday Visa and contacting The Regions is the right choice for you. Use your gap year to experience real farm life in New Zealand’s breath-taking countryside and join our clients’ dairy farms to gain international work experience.

Work, travel and upskill

At The Regions, our DairyTalent initiative enables you to work on a farm with a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa and travel in between work experience placements. You’ll gain international work experience and get insight into working life on a New Zealand farm, all while experiencing the country’s beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Seasonal agricultural work

The farming sector is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy so there is always demand for enthusiastic, loyal, and hardworking employees. Seasonal work is a great way to earn some money while you’re travelling, adding to your skillset and work experience at the same time.

During calving season, which is July to September in the North Island and August to October in the South Island, there is particularly high demand for seasonal workers.

What is The Region’s DairyTalent initiative?

If you are passionate about farming, have experience in the dairy industry, and are eligible to apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, then our DairyTalent initiative could be right for you!

This initiative has been designed to support you in planning for, and getting the most out of, your adventure in New Zealand. From applying for a Working Holiday Visa, to setting up a bank account and most importantly finding a job, our team of immigration and recruitment personnel will guide you through the process.

Once in New Zealand, we’ll provide you with support to ensure you are placed in work as well as giving you plenty of time to travel! Think of it as an “all-in package solution” designed specifically for you.

Experience New Zealand’s dairy industry

Our service is free of charge, so come and experience all New Zealand has to offer with friendly support and advice from The Regions.

Let the adventure begin by applying today!