Need dairy farm workers?

Market leading employment solutions

Farming – it’s a key part of New Zealand’s identity but New Zealand’s agricultural industry has a labour shortage of hardworking, reliable farmworkers. At The Regions, we support New Zealand dairy farmers to grow and improve their farm, for the betterment of their family, their local community and New Zealand’s economy.

This support comes in the form of recruitment. To help farmers overcome staff challenges, our team work with experienced Filipino farmworkers. We can shortlist experienced candidates based on a farmer’s needs and oversee the recruitment and immigration process, creating employment stability for farmers.

Successful recruitment

Successful recruitment begins by first understanding the employment situation. To help New Zealand dairy farmers employ skilled migrant farmworkers we have a team of key account managers based around the country. They’ll work with farmers and gain insight into the farm’s operations before shortlisting candidates who may be suitable for the role.

Once a candidate has been selected, our immigration law expert team will lead the immigration process. From navigating immigration policies and paperwork to securing all information is provided, our team will take the hassle out of recruiting and immigrating hardworking, reliable farmworkers to New Zealand.

Ongoing support and pastoral care

At The Regions, we’re passionate about creating better situations. We believe we have a key role to play with New Zealand farmers to grow the industry and improve the labour shortage that currently exists. As part of our recruitment and immigration process to welcome experienced farmworkers to New Zealand, our team provide ongoing support and pastoral care to farmers and their workers to ensure a better solution and better prospects for the country’s agricultural industry.

Need farm workers?

Are you a New Zealand farmer looking for reliable, hardworking farmworkers to join your team?Through our holistic approach to recruitment, immigration and pastoral care, we’ll help you with your staffing challenges.