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For a better New Zealand

Support, Adapt, Grow

Our mission is to provide a holistic service of settlement and life advancement for New Zealand dairy farm staff who have, or are hoping to, emigrate from the Philippines.


Employment security and job advancement are some of the many benefits the New Zealand dairy industry offers migrant farmworkers. At The Regions, we place hardworking and reliable farmworkers on New Zealand dairy farmers, helping to fill the labour shortage gap.


Our experienced immigration lawyers can make the immigration process hassle-free. Whether you’re migrating to New Zealand for work or hiring an overseas farmworker, we know the system and can guide you through it to ensure a better outcome.


We provide a holistic recruitment and immigration service to support migrant farmworkers settle in New Zealand. Our team understands different cultures and can advise New Zealand dairy farmers on how best to help new migrants settle into their rural community.


We work with over 400 dairy farmers across New Zealand to provide them with employment solutions, creating stability for their business and growing their local economies.


We have placed more than 1,200 work visa holders in secure employment on New Zealand dairy farms, creating a better life and job security for them and their families.


Our team of 22 highly experienced licensed immigration advisers, key account managers and support staff are here to help guide you through the complexities of immigrating or hiring farm workers.


The Regions is an immigration law company that supports New Zealand dairy farm owners and migrants to New Zealand. Established by husband and wife team, Benjamin and Patricia De’Ath, who have six years of experience in the industry, The Regions has placed more than 1200 migrants in secure employment on dairy farms throughout New Zealand.

Today, The Regions has a team of 22 staff, and has placed more than 1,200 work visa holders from the Philippines on over 400 dairy farms across New Zealand, providing a solution to the dairy farm industry’s staff shortages and creating better futures for migrant farm workers and their families in rural New Zealand.


We work with Filipino farm workers and their families who are looking to move to New Zealand for better employment opportunities and a better life. We align them with New Zealand dairy farmers who share their values and can provide job stability as these migrants look to establish a new life. Our focus on the Philippines is deliberate. We have seen over time that the cultural mix and adaptation required on the part of both employer and employee to make their relationship work, is incredibly detailed and specific. Therefore, we have chosen to specialise in this area of recruitment and immigration, rather than a ‘United Nations’ approach.


The Stand Against The Stand Down

What exactly are we taking a stand against? It’s a proposed policy change known as the stand down, which would see low skilled work visa holders stood down after three consecutive years on a one-year work visa.

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