We need your help.

As we all know, current immigration policies do not come close to meeting the needs of the agriculture industry, or the communities that surround and support our dairy farms.

So we’ve decided it’s time to take a stand – and would like for you to stand with us.

At our upcoming series of Immigration Seminars we are holding around the country we have drafted a petition, Stand against the stand down, which seeks to have proposed stand down periods for “low skilled” workers cancelled.


We would also like to see:

  • The Government honour its pre-election promise of regionalising our skills shortage lists.
  • The position of Herd Manager acknowledged as a shortage in all dairy farming areas of New Zealand.
  • Greater access to New Zealand residence for mid-level dairy staff.

You’re invited
As a valued client of The Regions, you’re invited to our Immigration Seminars. Please come along and take the opportunity to sign the petition. We are seeking 2,000 submissions so invite your colleagues, friends, and neighbours. The more people we can get to stand up against the stand down, the more action we hope the Government will take.

At The Regions, we stand by our values: to support, adapt and grow. By supporting each other in our communities, we can help adapt immigration policies and grow a skilled workforce that is the backbone of New Zealand’s agricultural industry.

We hope to also see you at the seminar closest to you!


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