Community 500 initiative

Supporting Southland’s dairy farming community.

At The Regions, we are passionate about supporting New Zealand dairy farmers and providing them with real solutions. We have identified a real need for farm staff in Southland and have made a commitment to place 500 new people into the Southland community by Christmas 2025.

What is the initiative?

This commitment, known as the Community 500 initiative, draws on the vision put forward by the Southland Regional Development Strategy, Te Iwi Me Oranga Rauemi (SORDS). The group’s action plan is to encourage more people to live and work in Southland and to grow the region’s social and
economic future.

At The Regions, we are proud to be a part of such an exciting initiative. Southland dairy farms make a valuable contribution to New Zealand’s dairy farming industry and we want to ensure dairy farmers in the region have the labour force they need to meet their goals.

As part of our Community 500 initiative, we will also bring the families of these farmworkers and herd assistants to Southland, where Immigration NZ policy allows.

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Key account manager and Local Branch

To support our Community 500 initiative, we have a branch of The Regions in Southland, headed up by Brooke Woolsey, our key account manager for the Southland Region.

To date we have placed 80 new migrants in Southland since beginning the initiative in January 2018 and look forward to placing many more dairy farm workers in Southland’s wonderful community over the coming years.

Want more information?

If you would like to find out more about the Community 500 initiative, please contact us!