Working and travelling in New Zealand

If you’re looking for fun, adventure and a great place to travel, then you can’t go wrong with backpacking around New Zealand. And, if you’re looking to work while you travel then you’re in the right place too! Here at The Regions, we have placed hundreds of backpackers in short-term employment throughout New Zealand, so we know what is important to them.

Many of the backpackers we have helped have had questions along the way. So we’ve compiled the most common questions we get asked about applying for your Working Holiday Visa, where to work in New Zealand, what to pack, and how our team can help.

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We can’t wait to welcome you to the land of the All Blacks, Hobbits, cows and beautiful scenery – the country we love!

What do I need to know before coming to New Zealand?

• Why New Zealand?

• Who can apply for a Working Holiday Visa?

• How should I organize my Working Holiday?

• How do I apply for the Working Holiday Visa?

• What is the best time of year to visit The Land of the Long White Cloud?

• How do I get to New Zealand?

• What do I need to pack?

• What about my English skills?

Living the New Zealand dream

• What do I need to keep in mind on arrival?

• How can I get around the Islands?

• Money, money, money…

Working in New Zealand

• Starting the adventure!

• New Zealand Farm life – What to expect?

• Review of a Working Holiday farmworker

• What is the accommodation like?

• How long do I stay on the farm?

• Work, free time and holiday – what can I expect?

• What can The Regions do for me?

• FAQ working in New Zealand

Service Fees

Our service is free of charge for backpackers, as we meet our client’s, the dairy farmers, demands by placing hard-working and reliable backpackers on theirs farms and thus get paid by them.

You want to call New Zealand Home? 

“I love New Zealand and want to stay longer. How can I do this?”

Extending your Working Holiday Visa for three months doesn’t do the trick and you want to stay long-term or maybe even forever? Then let us know. We are constantly looking for hardworking and reliable farm workers that want to work in one of the world’s most innovative dairy markets and call New Zealand home.

We are happy to discuss this option with you and if you meet the requirements, support you with the Immigration process for your new visa. Just send us your CV and further information by clicking Apply Now. If you have any questions, then send us an email to or call us under 0800 100 274.

Let the adventure begin by applying today!

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